Uxbridge company Scarsin creating high-tech jobs at home

Uxbridge company Scarsin creating high-tech jobs at home

by Moya Dillon, durhamregion.com 

Tucked beside an organic market in downtown Uxbridge, software company Scarsin has been steadily growing as it works to serve an ever-expanding roster of international business clients.

The company’s proprietary software, Integrated Insight Environment, is used by global corporations to gain improved business insights and make better business decisions. The product offers one solution to manage enterprise data management, collaborative forecasting, PowerPoint production and reporting and interactive web and mobile scorecards.

“We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished,” said Paul Minshull, CEO of Scarsin, noting they are also beginning to branch out into other areas, including working with governments.

“There are a couple of things driving our success,” he continued. “One is that we are good problem solvers, the second is that we just believe we can be as good as anybody in the world. As good as anyone in downtown Toronto or Berlin or Los Angeles. There’s no reason we can’t come up with better ideas than anybody, we just needed a little help to move faster.”

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