In Durham Region, we understand that one of the greatest links to global markets are global workforces who bring creativity, new perspective and innovation. As such, the Durham community has put in place a number of services designed to help new residents, new business and new investors settle in Durham.

The Durham Immigration Portal is a one-stop, community-based immigration web portal, designed to welcome, support, attract and retain skilled newcomers, newcomer entrepreneurs, businesses and other new Canadians to our Region. Over 60 organizations from multiple sectors such as education, business, non-profit, government and business associations take shared responsibility for content creation and for the long-term sustainability of the portal. The portal also translates into 57 languages.

The Health Neighbourhoods project provides a picture of how health varies by where we live, with extensive information about 50 Health Neighbourhoods in Durham Region. The ultimate goal is to support strong, safe and equitable neighbourhoods that improve the health and well-being of all residents.

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Business Immigration

Ontario is a multicultural society that welcomes more immigrants per year than any other province in Canada. More than 100 languages are spoken here. People from across the world, attracted by our large and diverse economy and outstanding quality of life, have made Ontario their home. Whether your firm wants to transfer or recruit a worker to Ontario, or you are an individual interested in temporary or permanent business-related immigration, find out what makes Ontario a great place to live.

Immigration For Businesses

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Immigrating to Canada

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