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Durham Region is home to a very innovative medical community looking to improve both the effectiveness and efficiencies of healthcare services. Recent success include Canada’s first hospital to fully integrate a digital pathology system reducing wait time from weeks to days and introducing a radically redesigned hospital IV pole which reduces the strain on nurses by 50%.
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1,600 students across a broad range of health disciplines pursue their studies at state-of-the-art facilities in Durham Region. The LHEARN Network is hub for cutting edge training, education and research and connects more than 80 post-secondary institutions, including Queen’s University, Durham College, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and the University of Toronto, to train the next generation of healthcare providers for our growing community.
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Durham Region is home to a number of highly recognized research organizations dedicated to the healthcare industry. Recent research studies have focused on areas such as; prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disability, chronic illnesses, infectious diseases, Public and population health, among many others.

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Lakeridge Health is one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals, serving people across Durham Region and beyond. With four hospital sites and three Emergency Rooms, they are able to serve a diverse population. Lakeridge Health has more than 4,500 doctors, nurses and other health care professionals on staff and over 1,000 volunteers. They are developing a reputation as a quality leader and innovator. Visit Website
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Since 1967, Durham College has offered an unwavering commitment to student success and high-quality programs led by exceptional professors with real-world experience. Their School of Health & Community Services offers students a wide array of programs in the health sector including nursing, addictions and mental health, and dental hygiene. Visit Website
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Rouge Valley Health System is an excellent acute care community hospital with many programs, including 24/7/365 emergency, obstetrics, paediatrics, surgery, mental health and regional cardiac care. Together, a team of physicians, nurses and many other professionals care for a broad spectrum of health conditions. Visit Website


Students from around the world attending the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) are able to learn from world-class professors who are dedicated to student success. With an advanced, hands-on approach to education, their widely recognized degree programs give students the tools they need to excel in today’s rapidly changing health-care sector. Visit Website

Health Tech News

Q&A with Spark Centre Client, Sound Options

Sound Options is one of the companies recently accepted into Spark Centre’s Thrive Accelerator Program. The company was started after the team’s years of research in tinnitus. This led to Sound Options creating an innovative approach to treating tinnitus: personally customizing a sound therapy using current understanding of tinnitus and cutting-edge software.  “We’re excited to have Sound Options with us in the Thrive Accelerator. The team has developed an incredibly novel solution to a real problem that many people face daily – we’re looking forward to seeing rapid growth in the market” – said Braden Kemp, Director of Client Services and Thrive Accelerator Program at Spark Centre. Spark Centre sat down with Michael Chrostowski, PhD, President & CEO of Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Inc. to talk about the impact his business is making in the industry and what advice he has for fellow entrepreneurs. What is Sound Options? Sound Options provides a treatment for a hearing disorder called Tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears. We’ve developed software that incorporates neuroscience research to be able to provide a customized sound therapy. Everyone’s condition is unique and has their own tinnitus profile and that’s what has made this condition very difficult to treat. What we have done is embed a computational model of the hearing brain into our software which partly came out of the research I did during my PhD at McMaster. This allowed our software to take a person’s hearing along with their tinnitus profile and predict an optimal sound therapy. Our software then embeds into music, uploads it to the cloud and allows a person to listen on their own device. We...

New Durham tech startup bringing pharmacies into digital age

by Al Rivett,  A start-up tech company that had its genesis on the University of Ontario Institute of Technology campus has hatched from the incubator and is hard-charging through to the next state in the evolutionary process of a fledgling business. “We’re going to be in a position to be a well-funded start-up. We’re exiting the introductory phase of a business and going into the early-growth phase,” said Spencer Turbitt, co-founder and CEO of iApotheca Healthcare Inc., a company offering custom software solutions for small- and medium-sized pharmacies, allowing them to digitize their businesses with user-friendly applications. “We made some great connections with pharmacy organizations and there has been some luck involved, too. The good thing about coming out of the introductory stage is we’ve got a lot of the risky moments of a start-up out of the way. There are lots of new ones to come but, basically, we’ve validated our products and we know the industry wants our products as well as other ones we’re developing and advancing on.” iApotheca’s product, explained Mr. Turbitt, is an online portal that’s customized for pharmacies. There are two modules in the portal; one for tracking policies and procedures and, as new policies are added, pharmacy owners can access them digitally to track whether employees have read and acknowledged them. There’s another set of modules focused on workflow, designed to save pharmacies time and money, while cutting down on medication errors. Pharmacies use the portal and the customized software on a monthly subscription basis. “The online portal can be accessed from anywhere, with any device or any computer — laptop or...

Durham College Hosts 5th Annual Research Day

On Thursday, April 30, Durham College’s (DC) Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ORSIE)hosted its fifth-annual Research Day at the college’s Oshawa campus. Staff members from ORSIE were joined by the DC Leadership Team, student and faculty researchers and community and business partners to share the importance of research on campus and highlight the applied research and innovation projects currently underway. The day focused on areas significant to the local and provincial economies and highlighted the agriculture, health care, gaming and wearable technology sectors. Diverse breakout sessions were held throughout the morning and Courtney Cole, founder and CEO of ForAHealthyMe Inc. delivered the keynote address about the convergence of economics, aging, demographics and the role of technology in the delivery of healthcare. DC’s rapid prototyper was also demonstrated for those in attendance. “Over the past five years the college’s research agenda has advanced significantly thanks to the creativity and expertise of our faculty, staff and students,” said Judy Robinson, vice-president, Academic. “Under the leadership of ORSIE many unique applied research projects have been supported, helping us all prosper through innovation.” Since launching five years ago, ORSIE has made incredible strides in the pursuit of the college’s applied research agenda by responding to business and industry needs for practical solutions through applied research and innovation activities, while providing real-world experiences for students. As part of DC’s research agenda ORSIE has entered into several agreements with local small and medium-sized businesses in the environmental, energy, social sciences and humanities fields, developing strategic research plans, forming an ethics board and receiving significant research funding from several government agencies. “There is an...