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Durham Region is home to a very innovative medical community looking to improve both the effectiveness and efficiencies of healthcare services. Recent success include Canada’s first hospital to fully integrate a digital pathology system reducing wait time from weeks to days and introducing a radically redesigned hospital IV pole which reduces the strain on nurses by 50%.
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1,600 students across a broad range of health disciplines pursue their studies at state-of-the-art facilities in Durham Region. The LHEARN Network is hub for cutting edge training, education and research and connects more than 80 post-secondary institutions, including Queen’s University, Durham College, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and the University of Toronto, to train the next generation of healthcare providers for our growing community.
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Durham Region is home to a number of highly recognized research organizations dedicated to the healthcare industry. Recent research studies have focused on areas such as; prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disability, chronic illnesses, infectious diseases, Public and population health, among many others.

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Lakeridge Health is one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals, serving people across Durham Region and beyond. With four hospital sites and three Emergency Rooms, they are able to serve a diverse population. Lakeridge Health has more than 4,500 doctors, nurses and other health care professionals on staff and over 1,000 volunteers. They are developing a reputation as a quality leader and innovator. Visit Website
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Since 1967, Durham College has offered an unwavering commitment to student success and high-quality programs led by exceptional professors with real-world experience. Their School of Health & Community Services offers students a wide array of programs in the health sector including nursing, addictions and mental health, and dental hygiene. Visit Website
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Rouge Valley Health System is an excellent acute care community hospital with many programs, including 24/7/365 emergency, obstetrics, paediatrics, surgery, mental health and regional cardiac care. Together, a team of physicians, nurses and many other professionals care for a broad spectrum of health conditions. Visit Website


Students from around the world attending the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) are able to learn from world-class professors who are dedicated to student success. With an advanced, hands-on approach to education, their widely recognized degree programs give students the tools they need to excel in today’s rapidly changing health-care sector. Visit Website

Health Tech News

Dash MD & Hexyoo Scientific Announced As Winners Of Ignite 2016!

Spark Innovation Centre is pleased to announce Dash MD as the Young Entrepreneur winner and Hexyoo Scientific as the General Entrepreneur winner of the 2016 Ignite Competition. Both companies have taken the top prize of $25,000 each. Dash MD are the creators of a mobile app that helps patients track, manage, and find the care they need once they’ve left the hospital. Their goal is to provide patients with the tools and resources they need to successfully traverse their road to recovery. Hexyoo Scientific are the creators of a proprietary gel based pressure ulcer pad for use in a hospital setting. The gel pad, placed over a mattress has embedded sensors to help healthcare providers with the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. “We’re so grateful for this opportunity that has been given to us by Durham Region generally and by Spark Centre specifically,” said Zack Fisch, CEO of Dash MD. “These funds and the support that comes with them will be put towards helping patients across Ontario, and beyond.” “The team is honoured and excited to receive this award”, said Bob Macmillan, President of Hexyoo Scientific Inc. “Hexyoo’s vision and venture has been validated by the recognition of the Ignite 2016 process and the support received by Sparks Centre staff. We are committed to this venture, the product, and look forward to the next chapter in our journey.”          Along with the $25,000 prize, these two companies will be given free office space in Spark Centre’s head office The Loft, located in Oshawa, and will also join Spark Centre’s Thrive Accelerator Program which offers significant advisory and business support services...

Whitby-based KAI Innovations Acquires Trimara Corporation

KAI Innovations announced that it has acquired Trimara Corporation, a medical technology company based in Ottawa that has a primary focus offering an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution to physicians in Ontario.  Trimara is one of the fastest growing companies in the market and recently completed the acquisition of two smaller vendors in 2015. The multi-million dollar acquisition was an all-cash deal that has not altered the current share structure of KAI Innovations.   Arjun Kumar, CEO of KAI Innovations said “This is an exciting milestone in our rapidly expanding business.  We are excited to have the management team from Trimara join KAI Innovations as we have been impressed with their work.  The acquisition not only advances our already impressive growth rate, but the resulting team will be one of the strongest and most innovative in the market.”  On plans for the future, Mr. Kumar feels “We will continue to offer a top quality solution at economical prices.  It will be difficult for competitors to match our offering now that we have reached this position”. President of Trimara Corporation, Kris van der Starren, who will be joining KAI Innovations as the Chief Information Officer said “This amalgamation of top-talent in the OSCAR EMR space will benefit clinicians and clinical staff and improve patient care through the combined team’s ability to drive innovation into the OSCAR platform for all users of OSCAR. This is an extremely positive evolution for the entire OSCAR market and I am proud to be a part of it.” While KAI Innovations will look to expand nationally in 2016, majority of its operations will remain focused onOntario...

UOIT ACE looking to develop further university research collaborations

Southern Ontario certainly gets its share of heat alert days every summer. But hot weather on a specific day is never guaranteed. If you are a Kinesiology researcher trying to examine how athletes respond to exercise in extreme heat, this means you only have a short windows of opportunity to set up an ideal testing scenario for obtaining important new data.Made-to-order weather conditions that are consistent and predictable are a researcher’s dream. And that’s exactly what the ACE Climatic Chambers at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) provide: the ideal environment for extreme weather testing. When UOIT Faculty of Health Sciences Kinesiology Instructor Michael Williams-Bell and his third-year Exercise Physiology students needed a place to study the cardiovascular response of exercise in a hot and humid climate, they turned to ACE. “ACE is a state-of-the-art facility that optimizes student learning by offering hands-on experience outside of the classroom that cannot be provided simply through lectures or a textbook,” said Williams-Bell, who is also a PhD candidate in UOIT’s Applied Bioscience program, “We needed specific temperatures and exact humidity conditions to replicate a mid-July heat alert day, and ACE delivered. ACE has the capacity to enhance our understanding of environmental, occupational and sports physiology.” For the two-day test, stationary bikes were set up in one of the ACE climate chambers. ACE cranked the temperature to a sweltering 35 degrees Celsius (ACE can go as high as plus 60 or as low as minus 40) with the humidity dialed up to 60 per cent. In the scorching conditions, Williams-Bell and his team recorded the participant cardiovascular vitals. The data will...