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Success in the growing Clean Tech sectors fostered through innovation, collaboration and a community of government, industries, universities and association involvement and support, which is the exact culture that has been built here in Durham Region and within the Province of Ontario. Durham Region is home to world class Clean Technology companies that export around the globe. Durham Region encourages, promotes and builds the foundations needed for Clean Tech businesses to not only start, but establish roots and grow. With access to an experienced talent pool, programs and the support, Durham Region is the ideal location for Clean Tech.
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Durham Region is home to a wide variety of Clean Tech capabilities including infrastructure to support its growth in clean energy, such as nuclear and solar energy, advanced clean water technologies, such as water filtration and water monitoring, and clean air technologies, such as pollution filtration and emission reduction. Innovative projects, such as the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Project across Durham implemented one of the first clean tech vehicle projects in Canada.
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In 2010 the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s (UOIT) officially opened the Clean Energy Research Laboratory (CERL), a cutting-edge laboratory that pioneers clean energy research and whose mission is to uncover major solutions to the problem of climate change.

CERL, located in Durham Region, is developing clean energy technologies and advancing them from laboratory to commercial and industrial application.

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Founded in 2004, Real Tech’s primary goal is to improve global water quality through the development of an innovative product line of both portable and real time continuous water quality analyzers, helping their clients take control and know what is in their water. Visit Website
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As a leading edge applied research institution, Durham College has a significant portion of its curriculum and research targeted at the integration of renewable energy alternatives, such as solar, thermal, solar PV and wind. Students become knowledgeable in the design and application of building automation and energy controls in areas, such as, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and lighting are studied. Visit Website
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Global Emissions Systems Inc., (GESi®) specializes in the design and manufacture of world leading emission control technologies that reduce up to 99% of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and diesel particulate matter (PM), which are smog and greenhouse gas related exhaust emissions from any commercial fuel burning engines including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane, bio-diesel, landfill methane and synthetic gas.
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GFL is a fully integrated solid & liquid waste management company that has been involved in the collection and processing of waste in an environmentally approach for over forty years. The division in Pickering, Solid Waste Transfer Division, is an integral component of this system. Visit Website

Clean Tech News

Clarington Nuclear Reactor Mock-up Welcomes 3,500 Visitors

CLARINGTON — The $10-billion refurbishment of four Ontario Power Generation Darlington nuclear reactors will be done in October 2016 and is estimated to take 10 years to complete. Nevertheless, before construction begins and billions of dollars are spent, it’s important that all equipment fits through the door. A $35-million, 350,000-square-foot, world class nuclear training facility will prepare Darlington workers for the real thing. The theory behind the big project is that by the time Darlington workers get into the real reactor, they will be performing at optimal level. To read more, click...

Real Tech Inc. Celebrates 10 Years in Business with a New Head Office and Production Facility

Fall 2014 will mark the 10 year anniversary for Whitby, Ontario based company Real Tech Inc. While there have been many changes over the decade, Real Tech’s vision to provide practical, reliable, and affordable water quality test instrumentation has remained untouched. Real Tech’s mission, along with innovative water analysis technologies, has gained the company several industry recognitions, including the Deloitte Technology Green 15™ Award for four consecutive years, and a reputable name in the water industry. The success and growth have been accompanied alongside several new product developments since the launch of their first product, the portable field meter, in 2004. Real Tech now offers clients a comprehensive line of portable meters and real-time water quality analyzers to meet the demands of applications and industries worldwide. To read more, click...

Real Tech Launches Real-Time Efficiency Project with WRAIN

Real Tech and WRAIN have partnered to launch a real-time monitoring pilot project that will save money and keep municipal drinking water safe. Last week, Whitby, Ontario-based water technology company Real Tech Inc. installed its first pilot project in partnership with the Water Research and Innovation Network (WRAIN), an organization established by the City of Kawartha Lakes to accelerate market adoption of new water technologies through collaboration and facilitating access to demonstration sites. To read more, click...